• Branchenspezifische Security-Lösungen

    Industry-specific security solutions for:

    - Industry 4.0
    - Internet of Things
    - Critical infrastructures
    - Government

Each market and each sector has its own particular requirements when it comes to protecting embedded systems. Nevertheless, some concerns are common to all: for example, the need to protect software, data, and functions from unauthorized access and manipulation to guarantee the functional safety of the application under attack. Another common issue is how to shield these digital assets from counterfeiting, theft, and spying and thereby secure the relevant business models. Access rights must be enforced and privacy protection must be ensured.
In all industries, there is a growing trend towards connectivity among devices and with the cloud; this drastically increases the risk of cyber-attacks and calls for additional protective measures. On top of that, work is underway on international laws and regulations that will make cross-sector security standards an absolute necessity. In the event of a successful attack, the main concern is often to make sure that the data has been secured using state-of-the-art technology, so as to prevent further claims.

Tested cryptographic
techniques and PKI

The specific IT security technologies for embedded systems can be applied to various industry-specific solutions. Special cryptographic operations and mechanisms, tried and tested both in research and in application, guarantee the authenticity, freshness, integrity, and confidentiality of data and software on all manner of devices and applications. Sender and recipient authentication based on modern cryptography and PKI (public key infrastructure) ensures secure communication among connected devices and systems is secure.

ESCRYPT has many years of experience in embedded security, and provides unique and comprehensive embedded security expertise in the following areas:

Branchenspezifische Security-Lösungen IndustrieIndustry 4.0 (automation and machine communication)

Branchenspezifische Security-Lösungen Smart HomeSmart Home (secure smart home controller / device communication)

Branchenspezifische Security-Lösungen medizintechnikMedical technology (secure transfer of patient data)

Branchenspezifische Security-Lösungen stromversorgungPower supply / critical infrastructure, smart metering

Authorities and public institutions are subject to the highest security requirements, and this calls for special, high-quality solutions. For years now, our experts have worked with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) on research and pilot projects to develop precisely these sorts of solutions.



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